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The massacre of our soldiers by Boko Haram at Metele in Borno State will forever remain a disturbing phenomenon



The recent massacre of our soldiers by Boko Haram at Metele in Borno State will forever remain a disturbing phenomenon in the psyche of men and women of goodwill in our nation.

We now regularly lose soldiers in numbers to the terrorists as if our military is one of a stone-age era despite all the claims by the presidency and military top brass that “Boko Haram has been technically defeated”.

Unfortunately for the soldiers, their families and Nigerians, there was no sense of urgency or even outrage from both the presidency and the military top brass as would have been expected.

It all looked like business as usual as it took the presidency five whole days before it could muster any sense of responsibility to make a statement on the unfortunate and disastrous incident, and this only followed the outpouring of outrage against the presidency by the citizens for what many thought was the presidency’s lackadaisical attitude towards the fatal fate of the soldiers.

The pertinent questions Nigerians are asking are: how come Boko Haram still had the kind of audacity displayed in that attack on Nigerian soldiers when the presidency and the military top brass had earlier told us that the terrorist organisation had been “technically defeated”?

How come what now seems to be one of the deadliest attacks on our soldiers is coming only days after the Nigerian Army showcased its newly acquired military hardware on its twitter handle, precisely on October 30, 2018, with the following caption: “Breaking News.

Nigerian Army receives large consignment of ammunition: The NIgerian Army has received a shipment of various ammunition to further enhance its operational capabilities and combat efficiency.”

Also, how come this deadly attack is coming only months after President Buhari approved the controversial $1bn for the purchase of military hardware, precisely in April 2018?

At that time, not few Nigerians expressed doubts as to the real reason why that humongous amount was approved by the president singlehandedly without any legislative input as required by our laws.

The question many are still asking now is: what happened to that money? What happened to the degraded and technically defeated Boko Haram? Can we still trust our leaders and the service chiefs on this fight against insurgency?

There is the assertion in authoritative quarters that despite the many singsongs of a defeated Boko Haram and how President Buhari and his anointed service chiefs have been directing the affairs of the military,

the soldiers themselves have confirmed that their morale is at an all time low and that they are being sent to the war front with weapons far inferior to those of the terrorists, and this is despite all the noise about getting new and sophisticated weapons to prosecute the war against terrorism.

Some of the soldiers who escaped the onslaught of the terrorists have been widely quoted by the media to have narrated the following heartbreaking condition of the army: “See what the Nigerian Army has been doing to us. They brought us here.

See how they killed our fellow soldiers, they burnt them inside the tanks,” a narrator in the video said.

“This is a Third World vehicle, a tank manufactured in 1972; and Albarnawi broke all of it. They want to use us and we are not getting anything from them. We want to tell the government of our condition….

In August this year, a band of soldiers shot sporadically in the premises of the Maiduguri airport in protest over shabby handling of their affairs by their commanders.

Soldiers are not known to easily lose their cool against their superiors to the extent of openly threatening to shoot them because they always know the consequences of such actions.

But it seems the complacency, lack of management capacity and unfair treatments meted to the soldiers by their superiors were enough for their tempers to so boil over irrespective of the consequences.

The soldiers themselves feel cheated, and they have so declared on several occasions. They have almost always complained about their poor welfare including the non-payment, and sometimes delay, in payment of their allowances.

The Nigerian soldier is, no doubt, gallant, and has enormous capacity, courage and determination to defend us as citizens and protect our territorial integrity as a nation. But when the enemy parades superior firepower, courage and determination take flight, naturally.



Source:This Day

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ISWAP abduct six girls in Chibok



Terrorists suspected to be members of the Islamic State for West African Province (ISWAP) on Tuesday night, reportedly attacked the Yimirmigza village in Chibok Local Government Area of Borno State, abducting three young girls in the raid.

The state police spokesman, ASP Sani Kamilu Mohammed who confirmed the attack, said the insurgents stormed the village at about 10 pm after the people had retired for the night and started shooting sporadically.

Mohammed added that the insurgents have made contact with the family of one of the abducted girls, telling them to forget them as they would never be released unless their commanders think otherwise.

Chibok community has been the epicenter of many attacks by insurgents beginning with the Boko Haram sect with the famous abduction of 276 students at Government Girls Secondary School on 14 April, 2014, which drew serious consternation worldwide.

Since that abduction, there have been a series of other attacks and kidnappings in Chibok, a mainly Christian community located in the southern part of Borno State.


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Ban Christians without PVCs from receiving holy communion, Anglican Bishop tells pastors



The Anglican Bishop of Asaba Diocese, Justus Mogekwu, has called on Nigerian churches to insist on parishioners presenting their PVCs before participating in religious activities, including receiving holy communion.

He said it is the duty of Christians to “enthrone” good leaders by voting.

“Christians must actively get involved in politics to enthrone good governance at all levels. If men who are righteous and fear God are in power, the people rejoice,” said Mr Mogekwu during a sermon on Sunday, Nov. 14.

He added: “Pastors should ensure their members get their PVCs before they take communion and do other worship services in the household of God.”

He continued: “As communion is important to us as Christians, which makes us healthy, spirit-filled and very strong, it is such with the PVC that makes us enthrone good governance at any level.”

Mr Mogekwu then committed the coming elections into the hands of God, praying for good leaders who will move Delta State and Nigeria to a better place.

Similarly, the Delta branch of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) demanded that churchgoers get their Permanent Voters Card before engaging in worship at their respective churches.

This was made known by Kofa Ithanasius, the CAN chairman of the Patani local government area.

The clergyman added that Christians who refused to vote during the election had committed a sin and that children of God should not murmur or complain when evil men are in power.

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A 10-Year-Old Black Girl Commits Suicide After Racist Bullying at Elementary School



A Salt Lake City mother says her 10-year-old daughter took her own life over the weekend after being bullied at school.


According to an attorney representing the family, Isabella “Izzy” Tichenor, who was also on the autism spectrum, was harassed by her classmates with racial slurs, called “smelly” and teased about being autistic.

The child’s mother, Brittany Tichenor, said she reported the bullying to her teachers at Foxboro Elementary School, but nothing was done.

“We don’t take umbrage with the children,” the family’s lawyer Tyler Ayres told KTLA.

“We take umbrage with the adults who chose not to do anything about it.

The adults who were in charge there should have taken these kids aside.”

Ayres added that the family is also worried for Izzy’s siblings, who attend the same school and have faced similar harassment.

About two weeks ago, the Davis School District, which includes Foxboro Elementary School, was reprimanded by the U.S. Department of Justice for not doing enough to address the widespread racial harassment of Black and Asian American students.

A federal civil rights investigation found hundreds of documented incidents where Black students were repeatedly called the N-word and other racial slurs by their peers from 2015 to 2020.

Black children also told investigators they were referred to as monkeys or slaves by their classmates and told to “go pick cotton.”

In their own investigation, Davis School District officials admitted that discipline data showed their staff treated non-white students differently than white students. However, according to the DOJ, the district did nothing to correct these disparities.

Black and Asian American students reportedly make up about 1 percent each of the approximately 73,000 students enrolled in the district.

In a statement, district spokesperson Shauna Lund said Foxboro Elementary School “worked extensively with the family” and claimed administrators handled the family’s reports of bullying appropriately.

“We, like everyone, are devastated by the death of this child,” Lund said. “Our hearts go out to the family.

Foxboro Elementary has worked extensively with the family and will continue to provide help to them and others impacted by this tragedy.”

On Tuesday (Nov. 9), several hundred people reportedly gathered for a vigil in Izzy’s honor. The hashtag #StandForIzzy also began circulating on social media to bring awareness to the tragedy.

“Even though my baby is gone, I’m going to make sure that I stand for Izzy,” her mother said.

“And I’m going to make sure — for voices that can’t be heard like hers — that this will never happen again to any kid.”


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