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Lily Allen opens up about her battle with mental health




lily allen

But as well as these stories taken from her upcoming book, My Thoughts Exactly, Lily has also opened up about the dark side of fame, and how it affected her mental health.

In the latest issue of Cosmopolitan – out 3rd October – Lily reveals that she was almost sectioned following a row with ex-husband Sam Cooper over the fact she thought he’d started seeing someone new.

Lily Allen and Nicola Roberts Leave Sushisamba

“It was a build-up of everything and that [Sam’s new relationship] was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“When I feel that the people I trust most have betrayed that, my whole world falls out from underneath me.

[The staff] had me pinned down on the floor.

I picked up a water cooler and threw it through the window.

Dan [her new boyfriend MC Meridian Dan] said six nurses tackled me to the floor and they had the needle out and were about to knock me out and sedate me.

Once the needle goes in, you’re sectioned. [Dan] had to really fight with them not to do it.”

Lily, 33, also opens up about the effect fame had on her self-confidence as she remembers one photo shoot in particular.

“I was gearing up to do promo for the second album. That’s when I started not eating, when I started thinking about having to do photo shoots and red carpets.

When I was feeling really bad, everything that I ate would come back up.

If I wasn’t, it would be just lunch or dinner.

Part of me getting ready for a show would be to vomit for 20 minutes. Then I’d clean up my face and start doing my hair and make-up.

I just felt really fat and grotesque.”

lily allen
Despite these setbacks, she now believes she’s in “a good place”.

“Look, happiness for me is your first E at Glastonbury – that’s the happy place.

I don’t think I’ve ever had that base level of happiness.

What I see as being happy is that fake level of happiness because that’s what I’ve had from the spike in endorphins or whatever.

“But I’m in a happy relationship, my kids are thriving and I’m creating great music.

I couldn’t really ask for much more. So, yeah, I’m in a good place.”

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Burna Boy’s ex-Stefflon Don, reveals she has been celibate



recording artiste, Songwriter, Stefflon Don has claimed in a Twitter post that she has been celibate for over a year.

According to the former partner of Grammy award-winning musician, Burna Boy, she has not had ‘eggs’ in one year. The popular British artiste went further to question if this choice has made her become ‘born again’.

Her post reads, “Had no eggs in 1 year. According to the bible does this mean I am born again”







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Singer Falz ,has taken to social media to depreciate the state of the nation.



Falz shared a post on his social ( twitter ) page, reflecting on the recent train attack, which slammed politicians for going about with their campaign activities despite the wanton killings in the country.

His tweets read

”This place is in absolute shambles and it’s rather insane that everyone is constantly adjusting and acting like this is a country.

No electricity, fuel scarce, no jobs, Naira all the way down, students are not in school, no public healthcare to treat ordinary man wey dey sick. You can’t travel by road because you may be killed or kidnapped. And now rail bombings have been added to the mix.

Back to back bombings on the Kaduna-Abuja rail. Numerous Nigerian lives needlessly wasted. NOTHING has been uttered about this. What the actual fxck.

Do you know what these animals are busy doing? Announcing that they want to be president, Organizing political rallies, announcing that they want to start collecting toll gate money.

Soldiers committed gruesome murders on innocent Nigerians on the night of October 20, 2020 The reports of the Judicial Panel set up by govt indicted the LCC. despite being complicit in these gory crimes, LCC is brave enough to announce toll collection What kind of madness?”

No electricity, fuel scarce, no jobs, students are not in school. Now rail bombings have been added to the mix - Falz decries the state of the nationNo electricity, fuel scarce, no jobs, students are not in school. Now rail bombings have been added to the mix - Falz decries the state of the nation

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I don’t eat at parties – Alaafin of Oyo’s estranged wife



Adeyemi Badirat Olaitan, the estranged wives of the Alaafin of Oyo, has said that she does not eat food at parties.

She stated this while reacting to report about Nollywood comic actor, John Okafor popularly known as Mr Ibu, who was poisoned at an entertainment event in Abuja.

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