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Kendall Jenner reveals her dream wedding – and it might surprise you




While you can usually rely on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians to don their extravagant gladrags and invite a full glamsquad over before an event, Kendall Jenner has been discussing her dream wedding – and it’s probably not what you’d expect.

When Kim Kardashian married Kanye West in May 2014, no expense was spared and it was as glamorous and OTT as you’d expect.

There was a wall of white flowers, a 16th-century-era fortress in Florence (yes really), a Givenchy gown for Kim and a 15-carat engagement ring.

But in the latest episode of KUWTK, Kendall insists she’s not interested in any of that, instead hoping for a ‘spur of the moment’ ceremony at the city hall.

“I literally want to run to the city hall and get married and just be like ‘F*ck it, let’s go right now”, she revealed to celebrity hairdresser Jen Atkin on Sunday [30 September]. “Just like, spur of the moment.”

Jen replied, “Who are you going to marry? You don’t have a type at all”, to which Kendall explained, “I don’t have a type — you cute, you cute.

Like, who am I going to marry? A piece of advice that my dad always told me is that in a relationship,

when you meet someone young, the hardest thing to do is change with them.”

The hairdresser then encouraged Kendall to wait until she was older to tie the knot – “That’s why I think you shouldn’t get married until you’re like, in your late 20s.

Who knows, you might not even want to get married. Your generation is probably going to be like, ‘Ugh, marriage is so old-fashioned.”

Kendall shot back: “No, I want to get married”.


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Comedian, Josh2Funny and wife expecting first child



Comedian, Josh2Funny, and his wife are expecting their first child together.









The excited dad-to-be shared photos of his wife with her growing baby bump.

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I can’t leave my husband because of infidelity – Actress Chizzy Alichi



Nollywood actress, Chizzy Alichi has said that she will never divorce her husband because of infidelity

the actress who got married to Ugochukwu Mbah, in 2019, said that men are polygamous and most of them cheat.

Speaking to Saturday ,

The movie star also declared that she is not scared of husband snatchers as she is a whole packagee

and her husband is grateful to have her as his wife.

“I can’t leave my husband because of infidelity. I have this orientation while growing up that all men cheat.

Men are polygamous in nature, and believe it or not, most men cheat.

Though, there are still good ones, my husband is number one.

If you leave a cheating partner, what is the possibility that the next person will not cheat? But it depends on what and how it happened,” she said.

Giving reasons why her husband is not active on social media, the movie star maintained that he doesn’t have an account.

“My husband doesn’t have a social media account.


Well, he is only on Facebook. I’m also not scared of husband snatchers.

I mean who is that? Does she have 10 heads? I’m a whole package and my husband is forever grateful.

He is the one scared of losing me.

I had many suitors, people richer than my husband but I chose my husband because he is my best friend, play and gossip mate; and he’s rich. Who doesn’t like good things,” she added.

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Zahra Buhari-Indimi has expressed her view About Failed Marriages



The daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari, Zahra Buhari- indimi has expressed her view with a post addressing a topic that has ruined many marriages.

According to the post, a lot of marriages have been ruined because women are asked to be submissive to their husbands, whereas the husbands are not charged with the responsibility of loving their wives.


It reads: “Asking wives to be submissive to their husbands without asking the husbands to love their wives has ruined lots of marriages.”

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